Whether it's high conflict or collaborative, we have your solution


High Conflict Cases

What most professionals do when facing problems with their clients' email communications is: (1) provide counsel on dealing with the situation; (2) endeavor to monitor it themselves; or (3) suggest that they subscribe to a co-parenting tool that does not limit the subject matter or monitor and proactively filter their communications. For most professionals, none of that works. 

  • No amount of counselling seems to alleviate the problem
  • The time required to monitor their emails distracts them from their practice and proves to be too cost prohibitive
  • The clients do not follow the communication guidance provided, if any, by the co-parenting tool chosen
  • Inevitably, a critical communication slips through and problems are exacerbated 

With Civil Communicator the parties can continue to exchange information, discuss matters relating to their joint obligations and discuss issues involving their children in a monitored environment. All appropriate oversight is assured, necessary records are developed, additional court intervention is mitigated and the parties involved learn to resolve issues without unnecessary conflict and without resorting to inappropriate conduct or abuse.

Basically, we:

1.    Limit each communication thread to one issue

2.   Remove offensive and unproductive language and content

3.   Teach both parties how to stick to fact-based only communication

Our goals are to reduce emotion and improve efficiency in our subscribers’ communication.

Collaborative Law Solution

In the collaborative law environment, our Civil Communicator unmonitored subscription provides the ideal platform for organized and centralized communication.  An unlimited number of professionals can join the account free of charge and communicate with each other and with their clients. All communications, calendared events, and documents within the library are shared. Additionally, we offer a custom Proposal Module which streamlines the workflow.