Divorce is widely regarded as one of the most difficult emotional experiences that a person may have to go through, often filled with heightened anxiety, anger, depression, and conflict.  By its very adversarial nature, the process itself often heightens these emotions. Some couples are so affected with these negative emotions that literally every interaction with each other runs the risk of becoming antagonistic or inappropriate.  Many studies have concluded that between 8% and 15% of divorced parents remain in high conflict years after the divorce, and some, indefinitely. 

Those experiencing such heightened conflict are often unable to resolve their parenting issues without significant continued lawyer-assisted negotiations and, often, continued litigation. They may remain so consumed in their contentious environment that their availability and capability for quality parenting suffers and they often even involve their children in the conflict.  The resulting negative impacts are significant and well documented. 

Civil Communicator was created to address and help resolve these exact difficult scenarios. Each communication thread is limited to one single issue, which is much easier to resolve than when multiple issues are combined in one communication thread. Each communication is reviewed by a trained Civil Communicator Review Specialist, who are real people, not robots or computers. They are extensively trained in monitored communication and conflict resolution. What are the Review Specialists looking for exactly? Communication that is emotionally charged, passive aggressive, unnecessary, repetitive, etc.

Basically, we:

1.    Limit each communication thread to one issue

2.    Remove offensive and unproductive language and content

3.    Teach both parties how to stick to fact-based only communication. 

Our goals are to reduce emotion and improve efficiency in our subscribers’ communication.