features Overview

Features included in all subscriptions


shared calendar

The shared calendar is easily accessible for both parties as well as any professional involved. Subscribers can add events or parenting time to the calendar, and can only edit and delete events they have posted. 


shared library

The shared library is a common repository for court orders, legal documents, receipts, etc. Either party can upload documents to the library. Any document from the Library can be linked to a message, a response, or a proposal. Professionals on the account can view documents in the shared library.




The Proposal Module is a very unique feature of Civil Communicator.  A proposal can be initiated from any conversation between the parties.  Proposals are automatically routed through a workflow process which gives each party a chance to respond, and automatically notifies their Parenting Coordinator / Decision Maker or other professional, thereby acting as a single resource for communications between the parties and their PCDM.  During the various stages of the proposal workflow, read only access is given to the parties when it is not their turn to respond.

Workflow Process

  1. Communication between the parties
  2. Proposal initiated by either party
  3. Response and reply from each party
  4. Decision maker is notified a proposal has been submitted and responses have been completed
  5. Decision maker can ask a question, comment or make a decision
  6. Each party can respond to the decision maker's question or comment
  7. Decision maker is notified the responses by the parties have been completed.
  8. Decision request
  9. Decision notification to both parties

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Live Chat...

Live Chat allows for private communication between the subscriber and a Civil Communicator staff member.  

Subscribers can ask questions, make comments or ask for more information regarding anything to do with their Civil Communicator account.  

Professional Access

There are two levels of access for professionals, Read Only and Read Write.  

Read only Access

Professionals can view all communication threads between the parties.  They cannot see the review action or any communication between Civil Communicator and their client(s).



Professionals added to an account not only have the ability to view ongoing conversations between their client(s), they also have the ability to send comments amidst their client(s) conversation. If a proposal has been submitted, the professional can also ask a question or make a comment before deciding on the issue.

In the Monitored Format professionals have the ability to send comments and notes to the Civil Communicator Review Specialists. All notes and comments made to Review Specialists are only seen by the Reviewer, who will take them into account while reviewing the subscriber's communication. 


Collaborative law solution

In the collaborative law environment, our Civil Communicator unmonitored subscription provides the ideal platform for organized and centralized communication.  An unlimited number of professionals can join the account free of charge and communicate with each other and with the clients. All communications, calendared events, and documents within the library are shared. Additionally, we offer a custom Proposal Module which streamlines the workflow.