Monitored Subscription


Each subscriber gets an account specialist who assists in customizing their account, depending on their circumstances. Some people may choose to use Civil Communicator out of their desire for protection from abusive communication or simply to improve their communication patterns, and some may subscribe to comply with court ordered restrictions. 



Our CC Monitored Account is revolutionary in assisting high-conflict or domestic violence cases. The concept of communication monitoring was the basis of its creation. Attorneys were tired of reading through their clients' emails before being sent. This process was not only time consuming, but expensive for their clients, and there is no robotic system that has the assurance of a real human eye. It was out of this need that the Civil Communicator web-based workflow was created, allowing Review Specialists to edit communication as necessary to assure that there was no abusive, passive aggressive or unproductive content in subscribers' communications. Each account has extensive details and notes about the history and circumstances of the subscribers, outlined by the subscribers themselves and/or their professionals. 

By design, messages and responses are directed and focused on the interests of the subscriber. In this manner, subscribers are trained to redirect their attention and concerns toward the topic/issue at hand. The user is required to create a subject which defines and identifies the nature of the message. Each message is restricted to one topic.

Once the topic is defined, the user then drafts a message. Once the message is completed, it is submitted for review. The reviewer can pass the message along in the form submitted, revise as necessary to meet the established criteria, or reject it totally if it cannot be conformed at all. Once the message passes review and is submitted, the communication is open for response, monitored in the same manner as the initial message, and remains an active communication until it is archived.   

Hours of Operation for Monitoring are 7 am to 11 pm MT.  We have purposely elected to keep monitoring to this time frame due to the high likelihood of unproductive communication which can occur in the "wee hours".  Outside of monitoring hours, all accounts remain available for viewing communication threads and creating new messages and responses.  Messages and responses created outside of our monitoring hours are placed in our review queue until our operating hours, at which time they are reviewed in the order they were received.