Secure Login

Each subscriber created their own secure login and password.  A user can change their password at anytime.   

Review Statistics

The Review Action Report table and graph are found on the bottom of each party’s screen and lists each message or reply you created and the results of its review (Accepted, Revised, Rejected). Your selection of Agreed or Noted will also be tallied here.  Edited and rejected messages, as well as My Review Report Graph and Review Action Report, can only be seen by that individual. The other party will have no indication that a message has been rejected or edited.  However, subscribers have the option to allow a PCDM or other professional to view all personal threads and reports. 

Monitored Communication

Our Civil Communicator Review Specialists are real people, not robots or computers. They are extensively trained in monitored communication and conflict resolution. We also have a second level of Review Supervisors who handle the particularly difficult messages and responses. Our current Review Supervisors hold various advanced degrees including Masters in Psychology, Clinical Counselling, Education, and Juris Doctoriate degrees. 

Professional Read Only Access

Regardless of the subscription package, we offer free professional read only accounts. 

Shared Calendar

The shared calendar is easily accessible for both parties as well as any professional involved. Subscribers can add events to the calendar, and can only edit and delete events they posted. If a user does not want / need the shared calendar it can be turned off.

Shared Library

The shared library enables both parties to upload and share documents and acts as a common repository. Any document from the Library can be linked to a message, a response, or a proposal.

Message Response by Email

A subscriber can reply to a new message sent to them via their email notification. All communication sent via email response goes through the normal review pro

Email Notification

Subscribers have the option to have an email notification when they have a new message or comment.

PCDM Proposal Drafting Capability

The Civil Communicator platform provides the ability for the parties to present proposals directly to their Parenting Coordinator / Decision Maker or other professional, thereby acting as a single resource for communications between the parties and by the parties with their PCDM.

Professional Commenting to Parties

Professionals added to an account not only have the ability to view the ongoing conversation thread between their client(s), they also have the ability to send comments amidst their clients conversation. 

Professional Commenting to Reviewers

Professionals have the ability to send comments and notes to the Civil Communicator Review Specialists. All notes and comments made to Review Specialists are only seen by the Reviewer, who will take them into account while reviewing the subscribers communication. 

Professional as Reviewer

Professionals have the opportunity to use our Civil Communicator software and system to review, revise, and reject their clients written communication themselves.