Many studies have concluded that between 8% and 15% of divorced parents remain in high conflict years after the divorce, and some, indefinitely. Some couples are so affected with these negative emotions that literally every interaction with each other runs the risk of becoming antagonistic or inappropriate.

Those experiencing such heightened conflict are often unable to resolve their parenting issues without significant continued lawyer-assisted negotiations and, often, continued litigation. They may remain so consumed in their contentious environment that their availability and capability for quality parenting suffers and they often even involve their children in the conflict.  The resulting negative impacts are significant and well documented. 

Civil Communicator's goal is to reduce emotion and improve efficiency in our subscribers’ communication.



What most professionals do when facing problems with their clients' email communications is: 

  1. Provide counsel on dealing with the situation;
  2. Endeavor to monitor it themselves; or
  3. Suggest that they subscribe to a co-parenting tool that does not limit the subject matter or monitor and proactively filter their communications.

For most professionals, none of that works. 

  • No amount of counselling seems to alleviate the problem
  • The time required to monitor their emails distracts them from their practice and proves to be too cost prohibitive
  • The clients do not follow the communication guidance provided, if any, by the co-parenting tool chosen
  • Inevitably, a critical communication slips through and problems are exacerbated 

With Civil Communicator the parties can continue to exchange information, discuss matters relating to their joint obligations and discuss issues involving their children in a monitored environment. All appropriate oversight is assured, necessary records are developed, additional court intervention is mitigated and the parties involved learn to resolve issues without unnecessary conflict and without resorting to inappropriate conduct or abuse.



When one of your clients signs up for Civil Communicator, they are immediately assigned an Account Specialist who guides them through the registration process, and provides them a personalized tutorial of the application. And if your client's partner won't agree to sign up, we offer the first monitored Single User Account in the industry.



For the PCDM / Mediator, Civil Communicator provides a single resource for all records and communications for their clients, including a customized Proposal Platform designed specifically for Decision Makers. The manner in which the system records the history of communication between the parties serves as an excellent tool for the PCDM / Mediator when reviewing issues of concern and/or conflict between clients. Professionals can provide comments to their client(s) within their communication thread, as well as receive, review, and make decisions on their clients' proposals within the Civil Communicator system.

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The monitored option of Civil Communicator provides courts a more efficient solution for parties that might otherwise be constrained from all communications. Our review process assures courts that communication will be appropriate in scope and content and will remain compliant with applicable court orders.