Words Matter

A New Co-Parenting Tool for the Modern World


Civil Communicator is a web-based communication tool specifically designed to assist parents in a safe, confidential, and organized medium for productive communication. Civil Communicator offers a variety of innovative features to aid parents and professionals in the modern co-parenting world. Our monitored communication tool was developed for high conflict individuals and domestic violence situations by providing supervised communication by our Review Specialists. Our Review Specialists are real people, not robots, and we customize each account depending on each client's unique situation.

Our subscribers may be in marriage counseling, going through the process of a divorce or litigating over parental issues. They may even be involved in a domestic violence situation.  Their communications may be restricted under a civil or criminal protective order. They may be neighbors, family members, or any parties that are experiencing difficulties with their communications or simply be looking for an efficient system of organized and recorded communication. We understand that no one situation is the same. Our Account Specialists assist each subscriber in customizing their account according to their circumstance.